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Khammam Tiraa
Cricket is more than just a sport, it’s more than a battle of teams - it’s a religion. Khammam Tiraa Cricket Team upholds that hallowed spirit of true sportsmanship. We have glorified this spirit through our logo which not only represents the three formats of the game - one day, test and t20 through the three petals which are indicative of transformation and evolution but also coronates the three indispensable roles - the batsman, the bowler and the fielder. Our owner Mr. Pankaj Gupta has been a great patron of the sport and a cricket aficionado for over 30 years. The principle on which we have built our team is something close to everyone’s hearts; an idea that not everyone is born great, but greatness or talent can come from anywhere. This strong ideology has led us to transcend all boundaries of creed or sect and economy to bring together a remarkable group of highly talented and passionate players to form Khammam Tiraa Cricket Team. We are more than just contenders or contestants; we are worshippers of this religion to the core of our hearts. visit

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